Germany Township Budget

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   The municipal budget for Germany Township is prepared on a yearly basis. The budget provides taxpayers with an itemized listing of how and where township funds are spent. A breakdown of Liquid Fuels Fund provided by the state, and General Fund revenue is detailed. Township expenses are outlined in detail indicating which fund an expense will be deducted from. The budget is presented at the Board of Supervisors meeting, where it is reviewed, updated and adopted. The budget is also available for review at the township office.

   Below are the proposed budget documents in pdf form. Previous budget related documents may be found in the archive or by contacting the township office. Or, you may request a document with the following Right-to-Know form.


Supervisors' Budgets 2018-2022

Budget for 2022  
Budget for 2021  
Budget for 2020  
Budget for 2019  
Budget for 2018