Notary Services:


Susan Hansen is a Pennsylvania Notary Public. Notary services are provided at the township office at 136 Ulricktown Rd, Littlestown, PA during regular office hours. If you have any questions about notary services, call the office at 717-359-7537

Notary Fee Schedule:

Executing affidavits: $5.00 no matter how many signatures
Executing acknowledgements: $5.00 for first signature; $2.00 for each additional name
Executing certificates:  $5.00 per certified copy
Administering oaths:  $5.00 per individual
Taking depositions:  $3.00 per page
Executing verifications:  $5.00
Making protests:  $3.00

Clerical or administrative fees may be charged if services are provided in addition to the notarization of a document such as copying documents, postage, phone calls or completing forms.